We at GoSk8 want you to have only the best products, at only the best prices. That’s why we offer our unique Price Match Promise. If you can find any of our products* for a better price anywhere in the UK, we will happily match that price.

It’s our commitment to you and the sports we love that GoSk8 will kit you out in style, and under budget! We’ll get you rolling.

*Terms and conditions apply.

This offer is subject to the conditions below. Simply call or email us with the product details and the competitor's website address, then our sales person can compare the match.

If they’re offering a better deal, we’ll match it. Price Match comparisons and orders can only be conducted over the phone or email.

Price Match Conditions:

  1. The website against which the match is being made must have the goods in stock. In the case of footwear or clothing comparisons, the size must be in stock.

  2. The goods must be identical in every way.

  3. The quoted price of the competitor must include shipping and tax charges (if any).

  4. Offer does not apply to items that are discounted or in a sale.

  5. We are unable to match against websites outside of Ireland and the UK, sites selling bankrupt stock, or any third party auction sites such as Amazon or eBay.

This Price Match offer is not a binding contract until payment has been completed, and GoSk8 reserve the right to refuse price matching at our discretion.